• Looking to Sell?

    At Sumner Associates, Inc. we begin with a full broker’s market opinion of your home. During this process your home will be compared with current sales in your area, statistics, area amenities, and available financing options will be considered during this process.

    Although there are market conditions that cannot be controlled, the presentation of your property is a key aspect in this market. We will assist you in bringing together the very best attributes of your home so that the highest value can be obtained during the sales process.

    While marketing your property, we will focus on your particular home and its position within the market. We will monitor fluctuations closely and frequently. I will employ an active and positive marketing strategy that will be sure to keep your home ahead of the competition and ultimately lead to a successful sale.

    Having trouble selling your home?

    The residential real estate market has been hit hard by foreclosures, heavy depreciation, and a shrinking lending market. Heavy foreclosure rates are predicted to continue and are mentioned nearly daily in the news.

    Despite these economically challenging times, there are indications of recovery within the real estate market.  I have been inspired by the sales activity in 2012 and its promising signs of recovery.  Banks, while continuing to be very conservative in their lending practices, began to offer some viable financing options for the first time buyer. Programs such as Webster Bank’s Hope Loan Program,  and the Massachusetts Housing Authority First Time Buyer Program, sponsored by many local banks, while having some income and purchase limitations, excludes the Mortgage Insurance Premium and is becoming a much more viable option than the once popular FHA Loan.  These programs are good options for the first time buyer and are one way that we can provide security to the consumer, and begin to restore growth within the housing market.

    Quite frankly I have found that homes that have not SOLD during these past months need a better marketing plan. If the marketing of your home has not been successful, I am sure that my professional and personal approach will bring you the success that you expect when employing an agent to sell your home.

    I would enjoy meeting with you to develop an individual plan that will ensure the sale of your home.